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October 19, 2011 0

Be heard and not seen: Record your audio comments

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Record your own voice message in our online conversation – and it may even be included the radio program! One of the latest additions to the social networking bag of tricks is Audioboo. It’s a way to record short comments and post them for posterity online. If you would like post an audio comment on […]

October 13, 2011 3

Feynman and beauty

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Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman is the voice beyond an evocative and thought provoking 5 min video titled Beauty which can be found via this page at The Immanent Frame. The blog post there says: While Feynman himself was a self-acclaimed atheist, and the project itself aims to “promot[e] scientific education and scientific literacy […]

September 8, 2011 2

Brief notes: All things shining… a book review

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This morning I received a review of an interesting new book by Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly. The book is All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age (Free Press, 2011.) Here’s an edited excerpt from the review: Dreyfus and Kelly open All Things Shining with a promise […]

September 2, 2011 1

Brief notes: More on wonder and “Beauty as a way to God”

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Thanks Margaret for links to a couple of pieces on wonder from Commonweal Magazine: Joseph A. Komonchak comments on a meditation by Pope Benedict which speaks of art and transcendence. Here’s an excerpt from the Pope’s meditation which is called “On beauty as a way to God”: Perhaps it has happened to you at one […]

September 2, 2011 0

Brief notes: CS Peirce, musement and God

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Charles Sanders Peirce ‘the father of pragmatism’ had an interesting argument for the reality of God based on what he called musement, akin to wonder or awe. The article was called A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God. One discussion of it can be found here.