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About “A Sense of Awe”

This website is part of a conversation sparked by an ABC Radio National Encounter program that went to air in November 2011. The program included contributions from Nancey Murphy, a philosopher of science and theologian, Denis Alexander who is a molecular biologist and directs the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge, and John Lennox, an Oxford mathematician and Christian apologist.The aim of this site is to complement the Encounter program in two ways. Firstly, this forum contributed to the program as we explored the issues and worked with the material before going to air. Secondly, this site is an opportunity to broaden the canvas of an audio program by engaging in a continuing discussion and exploration of the issue.

Chris Mulherin

The producer of the program is Chris Mulherin who has a background in engineering, philosophy and theology. He is currently finishing a doctorate on scientific and theological knowledge and is an Anglican minister. He also works as Executive Project Officer for ISCAST (Christians in Science). The ‘awe-inspiring’ photos in title banner above were taken by Chris in Patagonia, Argentina. In the background is Mt Fitzroy. An enlarged version of the photos can be found here and here.

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