A Sense of Awe: science, faith and wonder
February 4, 2016 0

Wonder and worship: Beauty in science

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“Last week saw the opening of my first ever science-faith gallery exhibition. The space is a white-walled corner of my church, set aside for creative members of the congregation to display their handiwork. The pictures were all provided by members of the church who are scientists and engineers. Our aim is to showcase some of the beauty we see in the course of our work, and communicate how it helps us to worship God. The people involved have all given me permission to share their images and text here. I hope you enjoy this very diverse collection of images from a wide range of scientific disciplines, and can identify with some of the thoughts they have expressed about science and worship.”

More here from Ruth Bancewicz at Science and Belief: http://scienceandbelief.org/2016/02/04/wonder-and-worship-beauty-in-science/

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