A Sense of Awe: science, faith and wonder
October 20, 2011 0

Awe inspiring audio

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Four audio files associated with A Sense of Awe are now available to download and listen to. The first three (in highly edited form) will contribute to the radio program that goes to air on November 6. The files are:

1. The full interview with John Lennox is available here (9Mb 18min). Transcript available here.

2. The full interview with Nancey Murphy and Denis Alexander is available here (35Mb 58min). Transcript available here.

3. A further interview with Denis Alexander (available here 15Mb 30min).

4. Also, David Tacey’s speech for the launch of Matthew Del Nevo’s book The Work of Enchantment (see Matthew’s blog post below) is available here (15Mb 30min)

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