A Sense of Awe: science, faith and wonder
September 19, 2011 1

Enchantment of the gaps? » Fitzroy sunrise

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  1. Oliver says:

    Given that we all hold some truths to be self-evident, e.g love, health, pain, suffering do exist, and hopefully that there is more to this world than we may ever know, then is’nt it axiomatic that the wonder of this piece of the universe we inhabit, and indeed inhabits us is actually currently able to contemplate itself objectively?

    What is actually happening is that as we pass through it, the universe is passing through us, there is no real separateness, it is only an apparent one.

    So given that there is science, and there is a place for what science can’t answer, then these entities to reconcile with each other must make peace.
    a true scientist will acknowledge that there is much faith involved in science, and a honest theologian must accept the scientific method, not necessarily all the results of scientific experimentation.

    People are by nature irrational and inconsistent, so it is up to objective and verifiable systematic procedures which may or may not be repeatable, over the millenia to offset “evidence” such as a lifetime lived by certain rules and philosophies.

    There will always be a tension between different individuals who regard there own given authority as supreme and unchallengable.

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