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September 9, 2011 0

Apostates for Evensong

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Evensong in York Minster. Photo: Allan Engelhardt Source: bit.ly/rs01Pq

One of the more colourful characters I know is Dickie Gross. Colourful in dress and metaphorically too.

The other day Dickie was waxing lyrical about Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. A lovely thing I’m sure… except that Dickie is an atheist with a popular blog called Godless Gross. I asked him to write a post for A Sense of Awe and here’s his reply:

Awe and wonder are things this godless atheist thinks about but has no answers.  In my godless world I look with jealousy and respect at some of the attributes of faith.  One of the benefits of being able to believe is the ability to take a sacred road the numinous.

For me though, such transcendent moments are usually based on nature, music, remembrance of the dead or a combination of the three.  I am having a small one now as the rain is belting down and the power of it has momentarily transported me away from the screen to stare vacantly out the window.  It is literally awesome.

A recent blog of mine is an attempt to describe the awe that even this Jewish apostate can find in Anglican liturgy and asks the question about how this sense of awe compares with other more secular highs. Thanks for dragging us away from the mundane and the day to day.

Dick Gross’s full article can be found here.

Thanks Dickie!

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